Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is there any difference between honesty, Integrity or dignity?

Reading is my hobby and now writing has taken that place recently. Well I was reading one book the other day and I noticed few words on which I got little confuse so I thought of doing some research on it to get the real meaning. These words are honesty and integrity. 

After going through dictionary and some other available sources, I got to know the difference between honestly, integrity, dignity. Though I feel honesty and integrity are the synonyms but I came to know the definition of it, and it changed my perspective. 

Honesty is when you tell the truth. Integrity is the validity of the truth (or standing morals). Like many other words, these two represent a whole world of meaning. They are used all the time and most of the time, people tend to understand what you mean if you use these words.

Honesty is being honest to someone and integrity is maintaining self-respect and honesty. My opinion is you can be honest without integrity but you can’t maintain your integrity without being honest.

Dignity means being respected for who you are and what you believe in. That's something that can be done in both big and little ways.

Are we honest towards everything? I don’t think so. Somewhere or the other, we have to be dishonest for some or the other reason. God also has allowed us to be dishonest if it is done for good cause 

You can be dishonest but never ever lose your integrity and dignity.



well said@sujata

Ayush Mani ( kuch to hua hai) said...

great .. one of the finest article

Sujata Kalra said...

thanks rahul, aysuh

56214catx said...

Simply put. Thank you!

Mohd Anjum said...

u said be dishonest but never ever lose your integrity and dignity. but how can someone have integrity while he is being dishonest at the same time. this is paradoxical.